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How does a Water Softener work?

Through the process of ion-exchange, the magnesium and calcium minerals contained within your water supply are removed during the process. These minerals are what causes the limescale build up on your pipes and appliances, such as your kettle.

Not only does removing these minerals prove beneficial to your home and making everything shinier, it is also kinder on your skin.

It works by having two cylinders that contain resin. As the water enters your home, millions of microscopic beads in the cylinders trap the minerals and essentially filters out the softer part of water into your home.

Because the resin is trapping the minerals, it requires regular cleaning which is also known as regeneration. This is where the block salt comes in. The regeneration is automatic as it uses the block salt, which is manually topped up, to go through the cleaning process. Typical usage is one block of salt per person per month.

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Here are the 6 benefits of having a water softener installed:

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    Appliances Will Last Longer

    We all know how frustrating scale build up can be. The water softener can dissolve what is already there and also stop any further build ups happening. 

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    Save Money With Cheaper Bills

    Having less scale build up means your hot water system works more efficiently therefore using less products and appliances lasting longer. 

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    Fewer products

    Softened water produces more lather meaning there are less products needed. This means, less cleaning products and less hair and bath products needed. 

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    Shinier Home

    Hard water leaves limescale and residue when cleaning your services. With softened water your cleaning time will be reduced!

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    Bigger Bubble Baths

    For those that love a good bubble bath, softened water means more lather which means more bubbles. With the reduced scum, bubbles stick around longer.

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    Softer Skin & Hair 

    Softened water is kinder to your skin and hair because there is no residue left. There is also no need for more abrasive products on your skin and hair.

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